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Q1. What does Top2d3d Studios do?

Top2d3d Studios create videos to explain your concepts, services, product or causes. These videos are aimed to be genuinely interesting and attract attention and encourage users to share it with their social networks. You can add these videos to your website, promote it on YouTube, show it as an presentation to your prospective clients and even play it on display at trade fairs.

Q2. What are your payment terms?

We request you for 50% deposit before we start working on the project and 50% on completion. You can pay by Wire Transfers, Credit Card and PayPal.

Q3. Do you provide discounts for returning customers or yearly packages for businesses?

Clients who have previously done more than three videos from us can avail discounts. New clients can opt for our yearly production packages for business. Contact us for more details.

Q4. Who will retain ownership and Copyright of the video?

Clients retain complete copyright and ownership of the video. Once complete payment is done, we hand over the HD video along with complete copyrights to the client.

Q5. How long does it take to create a video?

Normally, it takes about two to three weeks to create 1 minute video. It may vary depending on the video package chosen by you. For rush delivery (within a week) contact us for pricing. How much does it cost? Check through the Packages page on our website. If you have specific requirements, please contact us for best price quote.

Q6. Do you provide voice over by native speakers?

Yes, we provide voice overs for American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Mandarin, Italian and Hindi.

Q7. How many revisions am I allowed?

Normally we allow one revision during each stage scripting, voice over, storyboard, graphics and production. You can also opt for 3 revisions or unlimited revisions package if you are not sure how many revisions you need.

Q8. I have an Idea & I am interested in making a video. How do I get started?

You start from choosing the required package and making initial 50% payment. (This will give us a peace of mind to work with) b. We get to work. and you watch us You would be required to fill in the questionnaire received from us. Script Stage: We’ll pick your brains from the project questionnaire and work on the award winning script for your video. Voiceover Stage: We’ll give you options for voiceover type based on your package and you can select the style and accent as per your requirement. Storyboard Stage: Based on the script we’ll chalk out on the style your video, and draw a detailed storyboard which gives you the first insight on your video. This would be rough sketches showing you the characters, backgrounds and animation style between the scenes. Graphics Stage: The storyboard is converted into the computers graphics with colors and themes for your video. Production Stage: Based on storyboard we add life to the graphics (created during graphics stage) by animating them. We will keep you updated with developments during this process. Sound effects will be added to the video after animation is approved and the video will be delivered. Celebration Stage: This is when YOU are happy with the final video and send us the final payment. We will then send you the HD master with copyrights for your video.

Q9. Will you help us integrate video on our website?

Top2d3d Studios guarantees that final video will meet professional industry standards in creativity, ideas and originality. We will take all necessary steps to ensure you are completely satisfied. Yes, we can turn your ideas into visuals. Let’s get started!